brown camel in front of brown rock formation during daytime

Journey to Petra

It was one of those moments that took my breath away. I stood in front of the towering sandstone gorge that held the hidden treasures of Petra, an ancient city carved into rose-red stone. As I made my way through the winding pathways, my heart raced with anticipation. I had always dreamed of visiting Jordan,… Read More »Journey to Petra

person walking near The Great Sphinx

Wonders of Cairo

As an avid traveler, I’ve always been fascinated by ancient history and cultures, which is what drew me to the majestic city of Cairo, Egypt. From the Pyramids of Giza to the Sphinx and the Egyptian Museum, the city offers a mix of natural, cultural,… Read More »Wonders of Cairo

landscape photo of a Venice canal

Trip to Venice

Venice, one of the most popular and stunning cities in Italy, is known for its glistening waterways, mesmerizing architecture, and romantic ambiance. I had always dreamt of visiting this picturesque city, and finally, I got the chance to travel there. During my trip, I explored… Read More »Trip to Venice

concrete houses surrounded by trees


Whenever I close my eyes and think of my trip to Marrakech, Morocco, I can still smell the aromatic fragrance of the souks and taste the unique flavor of the tangia dish. Located in North Africa, Morocco is a vibrant and colorful country that is… Read More »Morocco