When I started my garden, it was just a few herbs like basil and mint. Then came the cherry tomatoes! Now there’s plants on fences too-and hooks attached to them for easy access when you want some fresh veggies at home . Additionally, one decoration has solar lights included so that even in indirect light all day long they’ll be giving off their beautiful glow without fail.

My inspiration for this project came from a beautiful pin I saw on Pinterest. The fence itself looked like it had been transformed into an edible flower garden, and there were even plants hanging all along its length! It took me quite some time to figure out how best get my hands on some baskets so that’s why over-the door hooks worked well because they’re affordable yet sturdy enough not only hold up our small birdhouse but also other decorations such as tiny suns or pretty butterflies too–you never know when something might happen during windy days.

The abundance of produce from my garden is really starting to come in! I have managed harvest a few cherry tomatoes and sweet pepper plus the basil is useful for many things. The mint also helps with infused waters, so it’s great that they’re all outta reach now thanks to those pesky dogs running around our property again…
Minty Fresh: Now all you need are pretty flowers & lights 🙂