European Union leaders like to talk about the solidarity that binds their countries together. They like to imagine themselves as a strong, unified bloc that can stand up to anyone. But the reality is that they are anything but united. In fact, they are so divided that they can’t even agree on how to deal with Russia. Russian President Vladimir Putin knows this, and he is taking advantage of it.

Putin knows that the European Union is weak and divided. He knows that they are not really united in anything. And he is using this to his advantage. He is playing them off against each other and getting what he wants in the process.

The European Union is supposed to be a group of countries that are committed to working together for the common good. But right now, it looks like they are more interested in fighting with each other than working together. Putin knows this, and he is using it to his advantage. If the European Union can’t get its act together, then Putin will continue to take advantage of them. And the European Union will only have itself to blame.